Homemade Photography Gear

gear nikon snoot diffuser

Not all useful things have to come from a store!

Pringles Snoot

What is a snoot? A device to limit your light or flash into a beam of focused light. Commonly used in a dark room to just illuminate a face. You mount it on your external flash. Dont mount said flash on your camera. Remote trigger it and have it below or to the side.

Take a pringles can and clean it out. Cut a rectanglular hole in the bottom that fits your flash. Jam a bunch of smoothy straws in the open end. Finish off the rough edges with some hockey tape.

Here is a self-portrait I made using the homemade snoot.

See the Snoot reference below.

Ikea Flash Diffuser

For portraits, a direct flash can sometimes just be too intense. Especially if you already have plenty of ambient light and just want to brighten up some faces or put a twinkle in their eye.

Enter the realm of Flash Diffusers. Bounce Cards. Diffusers. Snoots. This is a great flash modifier. It uses some vinyl from Ikea (drawer mat, clear, product is named Variera). Add some velcro from your junk drawer. Done.

When putting it on your flash, the bumpy surface is inside and the crack is towards the rear, not the way your flash is pointing. You also turn the flash head straight up and 90 degrees too. I dont know why. Actually, use it however you damn please.

This diffuser is also useful for product and macro photography.

See the Diffuser and Ikea References below.