Shooting the Moon

moon night

How exactly does one get a good shot of the moon

Some nights the moon is so brilliant and inspiring you will want to capture it. But how do we go about it. You may not have realized it but shooting the moon can be rather challenging. You see its an incredibly bright subject (at night) that is constantly moving. You'll have to actually use some daytime-like settings to get a good shot.

Here are the recommendations. Adjust for your needs:

  • Camera on Tripod
  • Turn off lens VR/OS/VC (can cause shaking)
  • Use wired shutter or timer shooting mode
  • Cover viewfinder as we'll use live-view
  • Center spot meter mode
  • Center spot auto-focus mode
  • No auto-ISO
  • Fixed ISO of 100
  • Camera in Manual Mode
  • Approx F-stop of 5.6 or 6.3 or 8
  • Approx speed around 1/125s
  • Recommend 1.3 crop mode
  • Recommend exposure bracketing (combine in post-proc?)
  • For Manual-focus, turn off AF on lens and body
  • Then zoom in on live-view and adjust focus (dont assume infinity is at max focus!)
  • For Auto-focus, strongly recommend a wired remote shutter
  • Lastly, your lens will be the major factor in your moon shot quality. Aim for something over 200mm in length and preferably higher than that.

Good luck and share your moon shots when completed.