Lens Shelf 202006

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Whats on the shelf in June 2020? Basically there have been departures of Nikon DX, D7200, Canon adapted lenses And additions of Fujifilm X-T3 and lenses: 23mm F1.4, 50-230mm, 15-45mm, 18-135mm,

Lens Shelf 2020

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Whats on the shelf in 2020? Basically there have been departures of Nikon DX, D7200... And additions of Fujifilm X-T3 and lenses: 23mm F1.4, 50-230mm, 15-45mm, 18-135mm And adapting lenses: Canon

Lens Shelf 2018


Whats on my lens shelf?

Here we see whats on my lens shelf at the end of 2018. Top Shelf Mamiya 150mm MF f/4 (with Fotodiox nikon adapter) Nikkor-P 105mm MF f/2.5 Nikkor-E 100mm MF f/2.8

Homemade Photography Gear

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Not all useful things have to come from a store!

Pringles Snoot What is a snoot? A device to limit your light or flash into a beam of focused light. Commonly used in a dark room to just illuminate a face.

Still Life with Black Backgrounds

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How can one produce a photo with an all black background

Nikon D7200 Manual ISO100 f/2.8 50.00mm 1/8sec When doing indoor shots of a still life subject, it can be a nice emphasis to make the background disappear to black. For this

Shooting the Moon

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How exactly does one get a good shot of the moon

Some nights the moon is so brilliant and inspiring you will want to capture it. But how do we go about it. You may not have realized it but shooting the

Achieving Sunstars


How does one get those wonderful looking sunstars in pictures

An Assortment of Sunstars and Nightstars shot with a Nikon D7200 Have you seen on-line pictures with awesome 5 or more pointed sunstars? How does one achieve those in their own

Nikon Blogging


Why do I use Nikon gear?

I have Nikon gear because one doesnt simply jump from one vendor to the other. The cost to do so is prohibitive. Although Im sure some people got annoyed enough with

My Gear

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Quick intro to my Photography Gear

I began my venture into the Nikon DSLR ecosystem for a couple reasons. I always admired the picture quality coming out of Nikon DSLR systems. A family member gifted me several



Lets start a Photography Blog

Lets start a Photography Blog where we can learn tips and tricks of creative photography. I hope to explore: Long Exposure, Bokeh, Lens discussion, Portrait, Landscape, Macro and many other styles

About Me


Lets Learn a Little About Me

Alan shooting Nikon D7200 with Nikkor 50mm f1.4 MF lens My name is Alan Jurgensen. I live in Verona Wisconsin. I learned an interest in Photography from my father at a